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Renewable Heating

Renewable Heating Solutions in Epping, Harlow & Bishop Stortford

We are based in Harlow and supply renewable heating systems throughout the surrounding areas, including Epping and Bishop Stortford.

If you need a sustainable heating product such as an air or ground source heat pump installed, serviced, or repaired, call HMS Heating on 07889 434708 for a first-rate service.

Air Source Heat Pumps in Harlow, Epping & Bishop Stortford

The heat from the air is captured by air source heat pumps and converted into usable heat for your home. When compared to the heat output for use in your house, a well-installed air source heat pump takes as little as a fourth of the energy to power. This implies that air source heat pumps can be incredibly energy efficient and save you a significant amount of money on your overall heating costs. 

Modern conventional gas boilers have an efficiency of around 90%. Because of the little amount of power required to function, air-source heat pumps have a stunning 300 per cent efficiency. There is even more potential to save if you fuel your air source heat pumps with renewable electrical technology such as solar panels.

Ground Source Heat Pumps in Harlow, Epping & Bishop Stortford

Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient heat pumps available and are a viable and effective heating solution for medium to larger homes, despite their high cost. As the industry gains traction, we predict that prices will begin to fall. Ground source heat pumps capture heat from the ground in your garden and transmits it to heat your home.

You can recoup your investment With the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI)

RHI is a government incentive for the use of renewable heating solutions in households, and it implies that you could receive a quarterly payment based on a percentage of the heat you generate for your home. For a large home, you may receive thousands of pounds over the course of seven years while collecting RHI. 

Use the Government calculator to determine how much money you could receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive if you install renewable heat technology in your home.

Get a quote for ground & air source heat pump installation in your home

HMS Heating installs all major brands, including Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Vaillant. We go above and beyond simply installing air source heat pumps; we ensure that your heating system is operating at peak efficiency and create effective renewable heating solutions for your house. 

Call HMS Heating on 07889 434708 or send us a message via our contact page to arrange an air or ground source heat pump installation in Harlow, Epping, or Bishop Stortford.

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